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From Western New York to the West Coast, Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs and Deli Meat are packed with pride, freshness and quality and overflowing with savory flavor. Sizzling Ham Steaks in a skillet, grilling Pork & Beef Hot Dogs with crispy Tender Casing, or stacking a sandwich tall with Smokehouse Ham—when it’s time to eat, it’s time for Sahlen’s.

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The year was 1869. A meat-packing pioneer named Joseph Sahlen saw Western New York, with its access to cross-country means of transportation such as to railroads and the Erie Canal, as the perfect location to found Sahlen Packing Company. 

Through the turn of the century, family households, restaurants and neighborhood watering holes looked forward to Sahlen’s premium food products, which included ham, ribs, pork loins, sausages, bologna, and (of course) Smokehouse Hot Dogs. Now in its fifth generation of active family ownership, Sahlen is currently run by Joe Sahlen. 

Since assuming ownership of Sahlen Packing Co. in 1980, Joe Sahlen has expanded the company’s distribution throughout Western, Central, and Southern New York, all along the East Coast, and as far west as Nevada and New Mexico.Dedicated to providing foodservice owners and operators with value, convenience, and opportunities to create inspiring, craveable dishes, Joe Sahlen oversaw large reinvestments into the company over the last 30 years, resulting in expanded product lines, new technology, and on-trend food innovations such as the pre-grilled Grilled For You™ Smokehouse Pork & Beef Hot Dog!

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When it comes to hot dogs and deli meat, everyone claims to have the secret ingredient. Ours? It’s less of a secret and more of a promise. The Sahlen Promise is we can provide you and your team with the perfect product lineup that adds value and taste without adding time, labor or equipment costs. 

From Classic Casings

to Modern Convenience

There are three different types of casings of Sahlen’s Hot Dogs. And there are an infinite number of ways to prepare, serve and benefit from our bun-busting hot dogs. Our Tender Casing (or collagen casing) hot dogs are best prepared on a grill, on which they can slowly char and crisp, giving each hot dog the signature Sahlen SNAP. But Tender Casing Hot Dogs are also perfect for broiling and pan-frying. These preparation methods can be used to achieve that same SNAP with our Natural Casing Hot Dogs. And for added convenience, perfect for grab-&-go counters, rollers and even carts, you can forgo the ventilation hoods and grill grates by simply boiling, pan-frying or microwaving Sahlen’s Skinless Hot Dogs. Our latest hot dog helper—the Sahlen’s® Grilled for You™, complete with real grill marks and flavor—gives the look and taste of a backyard BBQ bite without the big operational investment. 



Above Frozen

Whether it’s our hot dogs, sausage links or premium line of deli meat, Sahlen always uses fresh ingredients—never frozen. Sahlen’s Hot Dogs do not contain the added fillers or binders competitive brands rely on. When it comes to our deli meats like Smokehouse Turkey Breast and Smokehouse Ham, we never use MSG, added water or mechanically separated parts—only natural juices and whole muscle meat. 

Safety & Satisfaction


Food safety guidelines and requirements have always been critical to success. Now more than ever, Sahlen Packing Co. provides the high-level of food safety assurances foodservice operators need to offer their customers a freshness guarantee. Our own food safety guarantee starts with our robust food safety management system which helps control all food safety hazards and risks before they arise. Our investment into technology has led to an SQF Level 2 Certification. It means safer, cleaner, and more premium non-mechanically separated parts that our QA teams manage at each step of the process. We also ensure safe, fresher foods once they’ve been packed, giving you the longer shelf lives you need to continue to grow your business.  

The Future

of Food

Sahlen Packing Co. invests in technology, processes and research to pass added savings along to our foodservice partners. One of the most advanced and recent technology investments is our high pressure processing (HPP) equipment. HPP technology is a rapidly growing cold pasteurization technique that makes food safe without heat or preservatives. Our HPP technology fits directly into our manufacturing line and keeps food tasting great and lasting longer, passing savings along to you. Added cost savings come from the proprietary technology and food innovation we’ve implemented. For example, our Grilled For You™ Pork & Beef Smokehouse Hot Dogs offer you the chance to serve hot dogs with real grill marks and flavor without investing in real grills, hoods, ventilation systems and other costly equipment and labor. Working closely with the Culinary Institute of America, we test every reheat method on every product to ensure that when you add a new Sahlen product, you don’t need to add a new hire, appliance or kitchen space.

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There’s no telling how far you’ll go with fresh Sahlen’s Footlongs or how high your cost savings will stack with longer-lasting Sahlen’s Deli Meat. Want to know, make and grow more? Ask questions or get the technical support you need from one of our dedicated reps.

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There’s no telling how far you’ll go with fresh Sahlen’s Footlongs or how high your cost savings will stack with longer-lasting Sahlen’s Deli Meat. Want to know, make and grow more? Ask questions or get the technical support you need from one of our dedicated reps.

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