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Sahlen Food


As a 5th-generation family-owned business, Sahlen Packing Co. knows what’s important to the growth of your business: premium-quality food innovations that consistently deliver culinary adventures. Our team lives and breathes this every day. With over 25 products in the hot dog and deli categories, and more innovations on the way, Sahlen has food products that serve as business solutions, satisfying your customers’ cravings as well as your company’s needs.

Why Rely on Sahlen?

Because we stay ahead of the constant changes within foodservice and retail channels. By investing in the latest production technology, streamlining processes, and holding ourselves to the highest food manufacturing and safety standards, Sahlen provides added value so you can focus on how your business adapts and grows.

Bigger, tastier, better-for-you food products.
Focus on convenient prep and application methods.
Cold pasteurization HPP technology for longer shelf life.
Proprietary, labor-saving technology.
Sponsorship and community initiatives.
Robust marketing support for Retail and Distributor Selling Partners.
SQF Level 2 certified, 110k square-foot manufacturing facility.

Sahlen Can Solve It

Maximize your menu with less. From hot dog carts to fast-casual, Sahlen keeps it simple in the kitchen so you can get creative for your customers.
Maximize your lineup by stocking all that has made Sahlen the go-to hot dog and deli meat purveyor for 150 years.
Convenience Stores
Few foodservice providers are as invested and knowledgeable on what it takes to optimize C-store food offerings as Sahlen.
We generate the buzz before the products hit shelves and coolers. With every new market Sahlen enters, retailers receive end-to-end support.
Contract Manufacturing
Big brand support, co-packing capabilities, custom production, and more. See how Sahlen can become your most trusted food product packaging partner.