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Sahlen's Retailer


Our goal with every new market and retailer launch is for our products to lead to your repeat customers. We leverage the success, testimonials, and support of our five-generation-old brand to expand into your retail locations with robust sales and marketing support.

Why Retailers Want to Work with Sahlen Packing Co.

Five-Generation Family-Owned (150+ Years Old)
15 Million Pounds Sold Annually
110k Square-Foot, SQF Level 2 Manufacturing Plant

Sahlen’s Retailer


We understand the value of a true partnership and the needs of retailers like you. When a new retailer onboards any Sahlen food product, the launch is strongly supported with a robust, integrated advertising campaign aimed at your target audiences with the goal of selling your latest offering. You’re backed from the moment our products leave the plant until they end up on your customers’ plates. 

Growing Your Reach

Sahlen stands for a strong social presence. Organic posts (geared toward brand engagement vs. sales) help in-store traffic and awareness, while paid posts can directly be attributed to sell-through volume. After determining the “primary stores” to be supported, Sahlen geographically targets those addresses (using “lookalike audiences” from previous campaigns) and shows relevant content to prospective consumers. Your logo is featured.

Eyes On Stores

Depending on the number of locations carrying our product(s), Sahlen develops and implements a geographic-based outdoor campaign via billboards. Once “primary stores” are determined, local arteries near those locations are flooded with messaging that increases awareness and drives in-store traffic. Your logo is featured.

Surpassing The Stations

Over-The-Top advertising airs traditional broadcast commercials via on-demand-video stations such as HGTV, Sling, NBC, Fox, and countless paid-cable stations. This platform allows for specific audience targeting—household and behavioral, expansive reach across multiple platforms, and airtime during live and heavily-watched content. Ads are non-skippable, frequency cap-optimized, and do not get shared during short-form content. This platform also allows us to speak to the ever-growing cord-cutters, cord-shavers, and cord-nevers—plus traditional TV viewers.

Other Areas of Business

Maximize your menu with less. From hot dog carts to fast-casual, Sahlen keeps it simple in the kitchen so you can get creative for your customers.
Maximize your lineup by stocking all that has made Sahlen the go-to hot dog and deli meat purveyor for 150 years.
Convenience Stores
Few foodservice providers are as invested and knowledgeable on what it takes to optimize C-store food offerings as Sahlen.
Contract Manufacturing
Big brand support, co-packing capabilities, custom production, and more. See how Sahlen can become your most trusted food product packaging partner.