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Did you know that 61% of consumers base their decisions on where to buy gas based on the quality of prepared offerings rather than where gas is simply the cheapest or most convenient?* For food innovation you can count on — from grocery shelves and coolers, to made-to-order and grab-&-go — turn to the five generations of quality and convenience only Sahlen can provide.

*Next Gen C-Stores, October 2022

Sahlen's Solutions

With over 25 products in the hot dog and deli categories, and more innovations on the way, Sahlen has solutions that are convenient for all aspects of your operations.

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Roller Grill

Food Innovation

An important piece to remember about the food industry is that if you’re not innovating, you’re going to be left behind. So at Sahlen, we always pay attention to trends within the marketplace along with new products and processes that are coming out. One of the main trends we’ve seen emerging recently is convenience items, and that’s why we’ve been working so hard on our latest convenience item, Sahlen’s® Grilled for You™ Smokehouse Hot Dogs—available in Pork & Beef and All Beef options. We understand people are busier than ever and don’t always have time to break out the grill, or the equipment to do so, especially foodservice operators who don’t always have the labor needed to keep the product moving. That’s why we’ve created the pre-grilled hot dog that saves time, money, and labor.

Joseph L. SahlenExecutive VP of Sahlen Packing Co. speaks on creating Sahlen’s® Grilled for You™ Smokehouse Hot Dogs—available in Pork & Beef and All Beef options for C-stores.

Our Other Areas of Business

Maximize your menu with less. From hot dog carts to fast-casual, Sahlen keeps it simple in the kitchen so you can get creative for your customers.
Maximize your lineup by stocking all that has made Sahlen the go-to hot dog and deli meat purveyor for 150 years.
We generate the buzz before the products hit shelves and coolers. With every new market Sahlen enters, retailers receive end-to-end support.
Contract Manufacturing
Big brand support, co-packing capabilities, custom production, and more. See how Sahlen can become your most trusted food product packaging partner.