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Sahlen at Your


Sahlen Packing Co. provides labor-saving solutions to restaurants, stadiums and sport venues, concessionaires, golf courses, universities, and more. All benefit from increased menu daypart versatility, premium product consistency, decreased skilled labor and equipment costs, and higher profit margins.

Serving Value

Beyond the Table


Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Sahlen brings value and versatility up and down your restaurants’ menu.


From stadium concessions to concert and sport venues, Sahlen solves the biggest foodservice issues across the country.


Amusement parks, water parks, summer camps, zoos, and more are all thrilled to partner with an industry-leader for memorable foodservice moments, time and time again.

Higher Education

Sahlen helps colleges and universities facing ever-changing challenges as they serve a wide range of dietary preferences with speed and efficiency.



Hot dog carts, delis, restaurants, resorts, and everything in between—Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs and premium Deli Meat deliver more taste, convenience, and savings than any bun can hold. We never lose sight of what keeps your customers coming back for more as we develop new flavors and foods that help inspire and grow your own business. It’s why Sahlen products always keep the needs of food operators in mind, like:

  • Premium, Never-Frozen, Natural Ingredients
  • Increased Shelf Life
  • Pre-Sliced Products for Portion Control
  • Product Variety for Dietary Preferences & Restrictions
  • Product Innovation to Reduce Labor or Equipment Costs 
  • Decreasing Labor Costs
See the Difference

Other Areas of Business

Maximize your lineup by stocking all that has made Sahlen the go-to hot dog and deli meat purveyor for 150 years.
Convenience Stores
Few foodservice providers are as invested and knowledgeable on what it takes to optimize C-store food offerings as Sahlen.
We generate the buzz before the products hit shelves and coolers. With every new market Sahlen enters, retailers receive end-to-end support.
Contract Manufacturing
Big brand support, co-packing capabilities, custom production, and more. See how Sahlen can become your most trusted food product packaging partner.