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Where Food Operations

Meet Opportunities

Family-owned and operated since 1869, Sahlen Packing Co. understands the needs of modern food operators, how often they change, and the opportunities for added cost-savings and convenience. Needless to say, there have been plenty of those changes over the years. The one thing that has remained constant is our dedication to innovative and delicious food products that make the lives and bottom lines of owners and operators better. 

Realizing Why Owners & Operators Trust Sahlen Packing Co.

Five-Generation Family-Owned (150+ Years Old)
Headquartered in Buffalo, NY
110k Square-Foot Manufacturing Plant
100+ Employees
15 Million Pounds Sold Annually
500k+ Annual Organic Web Users
Sahlen’s® Grilled for You™ Hot Dogs Are Perfect for Saute Pans
Click here to watch more Sahlen’s® Grilled for You™ videos!

Owner/Operator Support

Hot dog carts, delis, restaurants, resorts, and everything in between—Sahlen’s Smokehouse Hot Dogs and premium Deli Meat deliver more taste, convenience, and savings than any bun can hold. We never lose sight of what keeps your customers coming back for more as we develop new flavors and foods that help inspire and grow your own business. It’s why Sahlen products always keep the needs of food operators in mind, like:

Portion Control
Dietary Preferences & Restrictions
Labor Costs
Kitchen Equipment Investments
Shelf Life
Premium, Natural Ingredients
Menu & Recipe Inspiration

Save & Serve More with Sahlen

View featured product sets, new menu inspiration, proper preparation techniques, and much more by entering the Sahlen Owner/Operator Foodservice Portal. 

Our Other Areas of Business

Cafeterias and concessions, back-, front, or out-of-house, and everything in between. Sahlen’s business is focused on your foodservice success.
We generate the buzz before the products hit shelves and coolers. With every new market Sahlen enters, retailers receive end-to-end support.
Contract Manufacturing
Big brand support, co-packing capabilities, custom production, and more. See how Sahlen can become your most trusted food product packaging partner.

Ready for a Rep?

Speak with a Sahlen Sales Representative today and learn more about how our hot dogs, sausage links, and premium deli meat can help to make your life easier, and your sales greater.

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