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Fire Away

We appreciate our loyal customers—all across the country—for many reasons. One reason is their passion for Sahlen’s Hot Dogs and Deli Meat. And when you’re this passionate about something, you need to know more about it. As a result, we receive quite a few questions from fans and customers daily. Here are some of the ones that get asked the most and our answers to each one of them. Enjoy!

Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship to the 50 United States.

How does shipping work?

Sahlen follows a “True Cost Shipping” method. All dollars billed for shipping are passed through at-cost, meaning there is no mark-up. You can currently select between Overnight and 2-Day Air. This includes rush, refrigerated delivery so your hot dogs stay cold, safe and ready-to-cook.

Will I be notified when my order ships?

Yes, you will receive an email notification once your order ships!

How do the subscriptions work?

All of our subscriptions, except the Restaurant Package, are fulfilled on a quarterly basis. You will be billed automatically prior to shipment, and notified prior to billing occurring. You can cancel at any time.

Note: You will need to create an account to sign-up for a Subscription Package.

Can you pick what day the subscriptions are filled?

All of our subscriptions are sent out at the beginning of the month your order starts.

What are the actual sizes and lengths of your hot dogs?

Sahlen’s Hot Dogs are longer than average bun length. They are a full meal. Pile on the ingredients and you’ll still get meat in every bite. Or, you can enjoy it simply with just a trail of mustard to truly taste the Sahlen’s Smokehouse difference.

What type of casing or non-casing do your hot dogs have?

We have three different types of hot dogs casings. We use a Natural Sheep Casing on a variety of our Pork & Beef Hot Dogs. We use a Tender Casing (or Collagen Casing) for our Pork & Beef and All Beef Hot Dogs. And we also have Skinless varieties available in both our All Beef and Pork & Beef Hot Dogs.

Is any of the meat mechanically separated?

Sahlen uses fresh, never frozen ingredients in all of our products. Our hot dogs do not contain any fillers or binders, nor do we use any mechanically separated parts. Plus, we use whole muscle pieces in our deli meats.

Is the Buffalo Chicken made in Buffalo?

We can confidently say this is the only Buffalo Chicken Breast truly made in Buffalo, NY!

How does your Lower Sodium Ham compare to the competition?

Sahlen’s Lower Sodium Deli Ham has one of the lowest sodium contents of any deli meat on the market.

What is the thickness of your Pre-Sliced Sandwich Ham?

Sahlen’s Sandwich Sliced Ham is sliced to the same thickness as a dime. It has the same great taste, flavor and heat without the added fat and sodium.